Saturday, July 28, 2007

How to run multiple skype accounts at the same time

If you have Windows XP Pro, you can create and run more than one copy of Skype on your computer. This lets you switch between accounts, or even chat to yourself. To do this you will need at least one other Windows account (go to Start, Control Panel, User Accounts). Load Skype as normal, then right-click the Skype shortcut and select Run As… Enter the user name and password of the other account and a second version of Skype will load.

i have tested it many times, it's 100% working.

How to sign in yahoo messenger with two IDs at the same time

For those of you who want to have multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger 8 running in the same time, this is what you need to do.

Download This ZIP archive and run the ym8multi_unist.reg file.

To uninstall the patch download This file

Draw pictures with skype smiles

in this text document we have gathered best pictures made with skype smiles, anyone can use this smile combinations, you just have to copy/paste it into your skype chat window and the picture will appear

Click here to Download the Document

Friday, July 27, 2007

Free SkypeOut Calls

this is not a scam, i tested it right now and it worked!!!

So if you want to make FREE SkypeOut calls to any toll-free number in the U.S., simply dial 800-FREE411 (800-373-3411) from your Skype client and then tell the speech recognition directory assistance the city/town of the person/business you are trying to reach and then it will connect the call for you - FREE of charge! I just tested it from my Skype client and it works. Of course this hack only works if the person you are dialing is in the directory (not unpublished number). And it isn't very nice to make to pay for terminating your call, but hey they are ad supported (you have to listen to an ad before the call is connected), so maybe they don't mind?

good luck with your calls :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yahoo secret smiles (all)

here is a list of yahoo secret smiles, to display all of the smiles you need at least 7th version of yahoo messenger.

:@) | (pig)
3:-O | (cow)
:(|) | (monkey)
~:> | (chicken)
@};- | (rose)
%%- | (good luck)
**== | (US flag)
(~~) | (pumpkin)
~O) | (coffee)
*-:) | (idea)
8-X | (skull)
=:) | (bug)
>-) | (alien)
:-L | (frustrated)
[-O< | (praying)
$-) | (money eyes)
:-" | (whistling)
b-( | (feeling beat up)
:)>- | (peace sign)
[-X | (shame on you)
\:D/ | (dancing)
>:/ | (bring it on)
;)) | (hee hee)
o-> O-> | (fighter #1)
o=> O=> | (fighter #2)
o-+ O-+ | (fighter #3)
(%) | (ying yang)
:-@ | (chatterbox)
^:)^ | (not worthy)
:-j | (oh go on)
(*) | (star)

skype secret smiles (new 2007)

here are all the secret smiles of skype, you may know many of them but last smile is the latest, only for skype 3.2

skype secret smiles1)(mooning)
14)(heidy) (2007, only for skype 3.2)

to use all this smiles, it's recommended to download the latest version of skype.

Hello World

Hello World

this is the first post on our blog, we are going to provide you with very interesting information about skype and yahoo messengers, ok, from this moment our blog is "ON" ;)