Saturday, July 28, 2007

How to run multiple skype accounts at the same time

If you have Windows XP Pro, you can create and run more than one copy of Skype on your computer. This lets you switch between accounts, or even chat to yourself. To do this you will need at least one other Windows account (go to Start, Control Panel, User Accounts). Load Skype as normal, then right-click the Skype shortcut and select Run As… Enter the user name and password of the other account and a second version of Skype will load.

i have tested it many times, it's 100% working.


Shirley said...

Please help me... I used to do exactly this and it worked 100%. Then today I upgraded skype to and the "run as" option is gone! What can I do?

Nicholas Manie said...

you press shift and then right click and the run as reapears :)

Prospectbase said...

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Henri said...

Just go to the skype website and search their forum.. the launcher is FREE for download, don't waste your money on things that are free~~~

Henri said...

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Rahul Das said...

Dear Friend,

You can use multiple login in skype.
You need multiple user in your Windows. When you complete to create multiple user in Windows, right click over the skype application and choose "Run As..."
Then use your windows user name in below login part. Now your multiple skype id will be run in the same windows.

alex said...

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